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Qatar's Corrupted Officials will Initiate their Plan of Terror Soon
Qatar's Corrupted Officials will Initiate their Plan of Terror Soon

For years now, Qatar’s corrupted officials have manifested a program that is designed to bring chaos to the world, such program that is infused with extremism, terrorism, and trepidation. 
To control the world through creation of fear in the hearts of citizens around the world, such terror that is designed to entangle every citizen of the world to submit to their ways. 
For that, we ask of all conscious leaders of European Nations and the World to take a moment of your time to read this letter, which shall outline to you all as to how, who, where, why, when and what has been demonstrated by these corrupted officials in control over the affairs of the State of Qatar. 
Important information included in this letter may be detrimental to many countries if prompt actions are not taken to mitigate the negative factors that may derive from it.   
What will be realized from the facts that are outlined herein, is that Qatar’s corrupted authorities have deceived all Leaders and authorities in Europe and the world, and such deception will DOUBLE its effects in the next few months alone, in conjunction with the allowance of visa-free entry that is being considered by the European Union and the United Kingdom, whereby through such free and unrestricted passage, these corrupted authorities will be able to deploy individuals who are originally terrorists and extremists who have been provided with Qatar citizenships, allowing them to be deployed freely into the European countries to take control over hundreds of radicalized groups that have been dormant for the past decades. 
Before questioning whether what has been mentioned herein is truly occurring in your countries, it is advised that all European Leaders to open a communication channel between each European country’s leadership, and openly discuss these points, and we assure you, that you will all find common anomalies indicating that you all, have been targeted by these corrupted authorities. 
How have they entrenched into Europe’s communities and the world? 
A devious process that they have been cultivating throughout the world as how to impose their inferior actions. 
They have deceived most of the countries around the world into believing that they are keen on investing in most European countries as to strengthen the bilateral relations between each of these countries and Qatar, whereby they have invested Billions of Euros into several businesses, infrastructure, stock markets, prestigious projects and not to overlook their investment towards Islamic schools, mosques and cultural centres whereby their devious approaches have been exposed through several recent publicized reports 
These investments that rendered most of these European Nations and the World to fall into a deep and dark well that they are unable to escape from, such dilemma that rendered these nations unable to take the corrective actions against these corrupted individuals as they fear the consequences that may impact their nations. Such consequences that may come as a financial distress on their nation as these corrupted Qatar investments have entrenched into their economical backbone and any intentional move by these corrupted individuals would result into a financial crisis within these nations. 
The other impact that most of these European Nations may also be impacted on is the involvement of these extreme investments in the Islamic communities within Europe and the World, whereby these corrupted individuals have invested tremendous funds to enable them to radicalize a vast number of the Islamic communities in Europe and the world into succumbing to their ideology. 
Although they have failed several times, but they are persisting to impose such control. 
Who is in control over Qatar’s corrupted circle? 
Since the inception of these corrupted individuals, going back to 1995, when Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani overthrew his own father, an act that is frowned upon not only by Muslim communities, but by all religion and race. Any individual that is willing to overthrow his own paternal relation will not have any remorse for anyone else. Such act that was instigated by one person that has been in control of the entire operation that was carried out and Sheikh Hamad was merely the tool that was utilized to seal the coup. Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, an individual that has for long manipulated the authorities in the state to submit to her wishes, to enrich herself by crowning herself as first lady of the state and by controlling the rule through her husband and recently through her son, the current Emir. Sheikha Mozah’s hatred has not been limited to Qatar’s rule only, as she was for long attempted several trials to rid of all Arab leaders in the entire Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East and throughout the world. She has attempted several processes of intrusion into many countries, from Syria, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more. 
Whereas all these countries in the region were used to expel as many refugees as possible into the European Nations and the World, whereby they will be radicalized into an army of disciples that will follow her every command. 
Why are they targeting Europe? 
Their plan is mainly targeted at European nations, as it was uncovered by the recent aired program by ARTE, these individuals have entrenched their beliefs into an ideology that has manipulated the words and sayings of Islam and deceiving Islamic communities to foster their corrupted ideology. 
Such words and sayings known as “hadith” that have been purposely manipulated by Qaradawi as shown in the documentary when he stated: “Islam Shall conquer Rome” and what is referred to as Rome in this saying is that it represents Europe, which alternatively means that Islam shall regain once again its influence over Europe, and that he foresees that such conquering shall be realized very soon but it would require of the Islamic communities to take actions forward to achieve this conquering approach”. 
Such biased statement based on misinterpretation of his own definition that serves his purpose of increase the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood around the world, which is yet again another attempt by Qaradawi and his conspiring group of extremists, using Islam’s sacred pillars, the Prophet’s sayings, and the verses in the Quran to serve their treacherous ideologies. 
These corrupted souls are deceiving all communities and turning them against each other, using their beliefs and manipulating their meanings, all in the purpose that serves their agenda. They have reached a level of delusion whereby they believe that they can actually control and rule the world through their conspired plan. 
Where will their plan initiate from? 
Their infamous plan of destruction has been extended by reaching most European countries and hence subjecting these nations to their control as mentioned herein, one being economical control over the affairs of these nations and the other through the control of the Islamic communities in these countries. 
In Germany, for instance, Qatar has invested in the last 30 years more than €20 billion ($23.8) in companies such as Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank, Siemens, Hochtief and SolarWorld. 
In 2011, QIA bought Paris Saint Germain, one of France's long-established teams, and invested millions of euros in the team, including transfer of David Beckham. 
The QIA also acquired Italian luxury brand Valentino Fashion Group SpA for about €700 million ($834.3) through an investment company called Mayhoola for Investments. 
Qatar's investments in the UK total more than £40 billion ($53.3 billion). These include the HSBC tower, the Shard skyscraper, the Olympic Village, the Harrods store, the Savoy Hotel, the Ritz, and its shares in the Canary Wharf region where the financial sector is located. 
In the UK, QIA owns 22% of Sainsbury, one of the country's major supermarket chains, and 20% of London Heathrow airport. Qatar Airways also holds 20% of International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A, which is the owner of British Airways. 
QIA is among the largest shareholders of the London Stock Exchange with 10.3% and owns a 5.9% stake in Barclays, which is one of the biggest banks in the UK. 
Qatar holds €32bn foreign investment stock in European Union 
Alternative finance is also related to several millions paid by these corrupted individuals to the United Nations, whereby they even boldly claim of paying over 500 million Euros to several programs adopted by the UN and such financing is against a higher price, the price of turning a blind eye on their actions globally. 
All these investments have been established in Europe to provide them with profitable return on investments that are alternatively used to radicalize and finance individuals within these European countries, turning them into extremists that will be mobilized against the European countries. 
Similarly what they have recently practiced with Belarus, whereby they have undergone several secret meetings with Belarus leadership, convincing them to use similar approach with the European nations to enforce them to submit to their demand, whereby they are expediting the process of infusing even more refugees into the European countries, which will alternatively result in even more disciples that will be ready to serve their purpose, as these corrupted Qatar officials will embrace these refugees within Europe and depict themselves as the saviours of the situation as they have done in Afghanistan. 
They have supported the Talibans for years, provided them with a haven and allowed them to voice their words through the state-owned news channel Al Jazeera, supported the Talibans to overthrow the rightful leadership in Afghanistan, and then depicted themselves as the country that came to the rescue of the Afghanistan people, displacing them and yet supporting their oppressors. 
A hypocritical approach that has been deployed by these corrupted individuals’ years after year and still the world is unable to unmask them as they fear the consequences on their own country. 
When will they deploy their radicalized plan? 
That is the most important question of all, when will they strike hard at the European Nations, basically at their weakest moment, when they would have outgrown and expanded their base within these European nations, by radicalizing as many disciples as possible, by entrenching their corrupted ways into the society that holds these nations together, by fuelling hatred and confusion within their communities and tactically by inducing fear in the hearts of the citizens, whereby fear is their most influential weapon of all, as only through fear are they able to grow larger and faster. 
If all conscious leaders of the European Nations and the World would for a moment, compose the factual links of every act that has been unveiling in Europe for the past decades, you will realize the larger picture. Only by joining these puzzled pieces, scattered all around Europe, by joining them, you shall realize the culprit behind all these acts of terrorism, extremism, and oppression. 
From the recent crisis in Belarus and Poland, from the killing of the MP’s in the United Kingdom, from the terrorist activities of bombing of cars in public areas, and the destruction that has been impounded on European countries for the past decades, whereby most extremism and terrorism actions derived from the acts of terrorists financed and supported by these corrupted State officials in control over the State of Qatar. 
What can still be done to prevent the inevitable? 
What needs to be accomplished is to objectively realize the factors that are impending such risks and what needs to be executed to eliminate them. 
The terror attacks that have been acted in several countries are standing as evidence to the augmented influence that these terror financiers have been able to impose on the European nations. 
Are all these incidents a mere coincidence that have been unveiled with the increased control of these corrupted individuals in Europe? Have the European Leadership and its authorities neglected the facts of how such intrusion has been manifesting for the past decades? 
Is it a happenstance that the terrorists’ activities have increased extensively from the date these corrupted individuals have taken control over the State of Qatar? 
Is there no relationship between the increased investments by these parties in Europe and increased donations that they have been parting to several communities in Europe and in specific towards building Mosques, Islamic study centres and schools, that enables them to recruit, radicalize and prepare their transfused army of extremists within the borders of many European Countries? 
Take a stand today, or to the least investigate the causal links between the investments that these corrupted state officials have established in Europe and in specific personal investments that have been acquired by companies owned by their close relatives. Starting from the personal investments that are owned or registered under the name of Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned, her children, her sisters and brothers, Ali Bin Fetais Al Marri, Yousef Kamal, and several others that are in the closest surroundings of Sheikha Mozah. 
These corrupted individuals have extended their base of control by acquiring assets of great interests and necessities to the European countries, assets that controls their economies and livelihood. Such control that they believe will assist them in imposing restrictions within each country’s political agenda, assuring their allegiance by coercion. 
As long as conscious leaders still remain standing with a noble heart to protect their own citizens, there will always be a way for good to triumph over evil. 
The strength of democratic societies like most of the European Nations truly relies on their capacity to know how to stand firm against extremism while respecting justice in the means used to fight terrorism. 
These corrupted individuals do not represent Islamic beliefs, they do not abide by them and they surely do not act by them, as ALLAH Almighty stated that “Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity…..Quran 5:32) 


Posted by : Qatar and Doha City PR Network Editorial Team
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Posted on : Monday, July 25, 2022  11:59:00 AM UAE local time (GMT+4)
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